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Pastillage flowers, pastillage decorations and pastillage designs can make any cake custom and unique.  Much more then just icing, pastillage is a form of sugar paste that can be used to make adornments for your baked goods.  Fun for a hobbyist and a necessity for professionals. offers many different accessories that can be used for pastillage including molds, colorings and edible glitters.  We also offer classes in how to make pastillage and create a large variety of shapes and forms suitable for many types of occasions from wedding cakes, birthday cakes to holiday cakes.  Create a cute, classy or fun theme!

We carry a large selection of pastillage accessories that allow you to create perfect pastillage flowers, themed pastillage decorations and self cut pastillage designs.  Much more detailed and intricate then regular icing, sugar paste will make your work impressive.  Browse our online store for supplies and classes.

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