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The new wedding cake à la mode
Wedding cakes are the centerpiece of a wedding reception. They are elaborate works of art that hold the place of honor.  The wedding cake is the most important cake of your life.

The old and treasured tradition whereby the bride and groom cuts a slice from the grand wedding cake display and serves one another, symbolizes two people as one facing life's journey together with the mutual commitment to share and provide for each other.

This old and treasured tradition is being presented with a modern flair! It is a new trend that is taking the country by storm. “Lease your wedding cake.” Now even the most elaborate of elegant cakes can be affordable.

A display cake with real frosting created by true confectionery artists but faux inside, allows the bridal couple to have a cake beyond their financial dreams. So, no matter how small the reception, they can have a cake that is awe-inspiring and fitting for the occasion, at a fraction of the cost.

And what would the benefits be?

  1. The new trend at a wedding reception is to have a dessert buffet featuring solo-desserts, gourmet cupcakes, cake pops and an eclectic array of chocolates and candies. By leasing the wedding cake “you too can have your cake and eat it too.”

  2. You may have a relative who has a wonderful family-secret cake recipe and would love to bake your wedding cake, but does not have the cake artistry skills to provide a cake of beauty.

  3. Quite often reception halls have a cake-plating fee, which is incurred when outside cakes are served at the reception. Leasing a faux wedding cake eliminates these charges.

    4. The wedding cake has pride of place throughout the reception.

    5. Sheet cakes or cupcakes can be purchased locally, cut up and served from the kitchen, making the cake service timely and         efficient.

    6. Faux cakes are light and easy to move around, in spite of their delicate decorations.

   7. Do you want an outrageously contemporary cake style? Anything can be designed with faux cakes. Upside down cakes,          crooked or topsy-turvy, odd shapes or just superbly ostentatious and gorgeous cakes.

   8. These cakes are perfect for outdoor weddings alleviating weather-related stress or concern. There will be no melting or          sliding!

   9. These cakes can be shipped anywhere, nationally or internationally.

  10. You can choose from a multitude of designs, traditional or contemporary to absolutely extreme.

Most cake lessors are happy to alter the cake designs they have on hand to accommodate your bridal color theme or you can even have custom designed cakes. Because the decorations are not done on real cakes you can custom design as outrageously extreme as the occasion allows, still at a fraction of the price.

What about the cake cutting ceremony?

A wedge can be discreetly removed from the back of the cake, where a cupcake or a slice of cake is replaced. The bride and groom may still cut a cake and serve one another for celebration and photography purposes. This is done in such a discreet manner, no one would know, unless you “let the cat out of the bag.”

How are they delivered?

The wedding cakes are shipped to you the week prior to the wedding. They are well packaged and many lessors also offer the option of renting pedestals to give the cake an additional air of elegance and prestige. Most cake lessors have a variety of lifelike sugar flowers and adornments that you can choose from, to complement your cake style.

The general rule of thumb is for a safety deposit to be paid with the rental fee. The deposit is refunded once the cake is returned after the wedding. Simply return the cake to the box and ship it back. This is all prearranged where the cake can be dropped off at any FedEx or UPS office, or for convenience sake, picked up for shipping back to the cake designer. Leasing a cake is definitely a new concept, but it makes sense and can save you a bundle of money.

The advantage of leasing cakes for the cake designer is that it is easier and faster working on Styrofoam as opposed to real cake. The cakes do not need to be refrigerated therefore the cake designer can work on the cake at leisure. In addition, with perhaps a minimal artistic change, the cake can be leased over and over again.

This is a win-win situation for everyone.


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